3 Habits to Kick for More Fun Around Our Apartment

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Having fun around your apartment is the name of the game, but it can be hard to do so if you don't have the energy.  There are plenty of things that you probably do that keep you from having the energy you want.  Here are three habits to kick at your Atlanta apartment to stay energized. Skipping breakfast: It's important to start the day right and the … [Read more...]

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Atlanta

Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, in color.

Celebration of a national treasure brings about many holiday attractions in Atlanta. You can choose to spend your holiday at different programs which highlight the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There are other programs during which you can spend your day serving others as a tribute to what Dr. King did for the community and the world. Following … [Read more...]

Our Community Fitness Studio is Perfect for Reaching Your New Year’s Resolution

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Regular exercise is essential to maintaining an excellent state of health, never mind side benefits such as better moods and increased confidence. As a result, it is no coincidence that exercising on a regular basis happens to be one of the most common New Year's resolutions that people make. Unfortunately, this means that exercising on a regular basis is … [Read more...]

Add a Personal Touch to Your Apartment’s Bathroom With These 3 Tips

Bath Accessories

Your bathroom is an area of your home where you spend a lot of time. You probably get ready for work there and perfect your look in the evening before you go out again. However, if your bathroom is in need of a little makeover, you may not know where to start. Use these three tips to help you breathe a little new life into your bathroom without spending … [Read more...]

Check out our Three Bedroom Floorplan

Mount Vernon Flats pool

The apartments with three bedroom floorplans at Mount Vernon Flats may seem a tad intimidating. However if you have ever wanted to have the perfect roommate situation these apartments with three bedroom floorplans may be the perfect fit. Here's some information for you to chew on about these apartment layouts. Space: For one thing an apartment with … [Read more...]

An Outdoor Fireplace is a Great Way to Warm Up

An Outdoor Fireplace is a Great Way to Warm Up

Our Mount Vernon Flats at the Perimeter features excellent community amenities like a brand new cyber café, a complimentary coffee bar and an outdoor kitchen & fireplace. An outdoor fireplace offers you many benefits as it creates lasting memories for you, neighbors and friends to linger for years to come. Entertainment Factor – Few other … [Read more...]

Get a Delicious Thanksgiving Pie at The Pie Shop in Buckhead

Get a Delicious Thanksgiving Pie at The Pie Shop in Buckhead

Let's face it. Not all of us have the time needed to make a homemade pie for Thanksgiving. Luckily, since you live in Atlanta, you can get a pie that's every bit as good as homemade at The Pie Shop in Buckhead. All you have to do is swing by after you've wrapped up your early holiday shopping in Atlanta and make a selection. In addition to the … [Read more...]

The Crown Molding in Our Apartments Adds Charm to Each Home

The Crown Molding in Our Apartments Adds Charm to Each Home

If you are looking for beautiful Atlanta apartments for rent, then you are in the right community. Every unit features a spacious floor plan, charming interior and all the bells and whistles. Here is an idea of what you can expect when you rent one of our apartments. Our comfortable interiors bring you an elegant but cozy vibe, with a beautiful crown … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Beauty of the Winter Wonderland at Fernbank Museum

Enjoy the Beauty of the Winter Wonderland at Fernbank Museum

Just because it's wintertime and the days are shorter, there's no reason you should spend all of your time tucked away inside your Mount Vernon Flats apartment. There are plenty of wintertime Atlanta holiday attractions you will want to take advantage of, including the Winter Wonderland exhibit at Fernbank Museum. Fernbank Museum is putting on the … [Read more...]

Utilize These 5 Strategies When Shopping on Black Friday

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Black Friday shopping doesn't have to be a horrible experience. If you are dreading the day consider these five strategies for this year's holiday shopping in Atlanta so that you're not left frazzled. Midnight-Madness: So many stores are turning Black Friday into the whole darn weekend. So you don't need to start shopping on Friday. Many places are … [Read more...]