Have a Fun Night Out at Midtown Bowl

Midtown Bowl

What do you do when you’re bored? One time-honored tradition to have a little fun, maybe some food and drink and have a little healthy competition is to go bowling. Although it sounds a bit outdated, there’s a reason bowling is still around. The next time you and your friends or family have a free night, head to Midtown Bowl—it tops the list of Atlanta … [Read more...]

4 Wedding Venues for a Fall Wedding in Atlanta

Best Places for Fall Weddings in Atlanta

While other areas in the US are perfect for summer weddings—Atlanta is absolutely beautiful in the fall. Planning is always a process, and it begins with finding a location. Here are four wedding venue options that highlight the best of fall in Atlanta, and make an excellent backdrop for a wedding. Atlanta Botanical Garden – It would be silly not … [Read more...]

3 Ideas for Lighting the Living Room in Your Apartment

Apartment Lighting tips

There are people that require a bit more light, or the right lighting. Living in Atlanta brings you plenty of natural light, but making sure your living room is properly lit can seem like a daunting task. Here are three apartment living room decorating ideas that will help create the ideal lighting for your main space. Start by listing what happens … [Read more...]

Our Under Cabinet Lighting Makes Working in the Kitchen Simple

Mount Vernon Flats at The Perimeter

Kitchens are often one of the most used spaces in a home. Every convenience and extra feature can come in very handy—especially if you are an avid cook. One thing Mount Vernon Flats is proud to offer their residents, are kitchens that help you function at your best. Although there are many aspects that make our kitchens excellent, one of our … [Read more...]

4 Day Trips to Take for an Atlanta Foodie

Trips for Foodies in Atlanta

There are food-lovers—and then there are foodies. Foodies look at food the same way a hobbyist looks at their craft. It is complex, fulfilling and a lot of fun. Here are four perfect day trips for Atlanta foodies. Head to Athens for the day to find your three meals. Add in some light meals if you can handle it. Restaurants like Mama’s Boy, The … [Read more...]

Check Out Imaginary Worlds at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Many people already find inspiration, relaxation and awe in nature. The Atlanta Botanical Garden has managed to take natural beauty, infuse it with imagination and creativity, and turn it into something you won’t want to miss. Imaginary Worlds is back, and this year’s exhibit is bigger and more amazing than ever. Here are some essential details you'll … [Read more...]

Get Your Dresser Organized With These 5 Tips

Organizing your Dresser

Dressers—are they helpful, or do they just hide our mess? Used correctly, dressers are a useful tool. If you tend to toss things in to hide them, then they can be a problem, especially if you need to find things in a hurry. If your dresser is an issue, read these five apartment organizing tips that will help you take control. Limit yourself – Add … [Read more...]

Celebrate at the Sandy Springs Festival in September

Sandy Springs Festival

Atlanta residents have voted, and the winner is clear. When it comes to festivals, the Sandy Springs Festival is a tradition that keeps people coming back annually. This year marks the 30th year, and with September right around the corner, it’s time to get this excellent Sandy Springs, GA event on your calendar. Originally a smallish community … [Read more...]

Get a Summer Tan Using Our Community Sundeck

Community Sundeck

There are many amenities people look for in a rental. Maybe they require a gym, or more than 800 square feet of space. Whatever your requirements are for your home in Atlanta, we’re pretty sure the Mount Vernon Flats rank high when it comes to its attributes. One thing summer does is bring the need for some outdoor time. Nothing says summer like a … [Read more...]

3 Refreshing Summer Snacks to Serve Guests

Picnic Yogurt Dip

The Mount Vernon Flats are an excellent place to reside in the summer. The spacious residences, balconies and pools make it perfect for entertaining.  Once you and your guests are done playing in the sun, serve some refreshing snacks that will refuel for more fun. Here are three refreshments that will make your summer gathering a hit. Creamy, cool, … [Read more...]